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The Pet Transporter Guys are back and better then ever + updates of my new fees
Another dog dies on the airlines!
Dog escapes airline handlers
The Pet Transporter Guys New Newsletter
Part 2: Five questions I think I should be asked.


Frostbite my cat
part 2 five questions I should be asked
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The Pet Transporter Guys are back and better then ever + updates of my new fees

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone know that my health is doing great and I am back on the road with a renewed sense of passion. My outlook on life has changed and I have come to the understanding that I am only human.
I just completed my first long distance transport going form Pennsylvania to New York from New York to Illinois and Washington State from Washington State to California and California to Massachusetts then back to Pennsylvania. The trip took 11 days. I did not rush any part of the trip, I took my time and still made great timing every step of the way.

Another dog dies on the airlines!

(Reuters) - Michael Jarboe of Miami paid extra for special airline dog handlers to ensure the safety of his 2-year-old mastiff, BamBam, on a cross-country flight.

Instead, following a layover in Houston in 90-degree heat, baggage handlers found BamBam dead on arrival in San Francisco.
Just in time for the holiday travel season, a petition is calling for new federal rules holding airlines responsible for deaths of animals like BamBam. More than 100,000 signatures were logged on Jarboe's petition as of late Tuesday, more than half of them added in the past two weeks.

Dog escapes airline handlers

Airport authorities found themselves chasing a wiener dog across the runway when he escaped from a plane while being transported.

Newark Liberty International Airport officials said a dachshund named Henry escaped from a Lufthansa plane while it was being unloaded and ran around the tarmac for more than an hour before he was located by officers, the New York Post reported. Port Authority Police cornered the pup by an airfield fence, but were unable to get him into custody.

The dog's owner was eventually let off a plane to collect her pet.

The Pet Transporter Guys New Newsletter

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Part 2: Five questions I think I should be asked.

This is the5 questions I feel I should be asked but I am hardly ever asked:
1) If the transport is overnight wheredo you stay with the fur babies? 99% of the time we stay together in the carover night at either a rest stop or a truck stop. This helps me keep the costof the transport down. Most hotels that are pet friendly charge an extra $10-20dollars per pet on top of the $49-99 dollars for the night.  I have had customers pay extra for me to stayin a hotel but not too often.

top 5 questions I am asked

A while back I said I was going to place the top 5 questions I get asked and the top 5 questionsI should be asked. I am sorry it took so long to get this done but I have beenvery busy transporting all these wonderful fur babies.
Questions I am asked:
1)  Are you insured and bonded?  Yes we are insured through “Pet SittersAssociates”. However because I am the owner and operator of The Pet TransporterGuys, LLC. I don’t need to be bonded. The bonding process is if I had employee’sworking for me, so at this time I don’t have anyone to bond.


On May 18th 2013 I lost my best friend Frostbite. I found Frostbite on December 17, 2009 or should I say Frostbite found me. I was leaving my house to go to the store and I heard a Meow and then another. It was cold and I have a soft spot for cats so I went looking. I saw Frostbite under a car and started petting him, he was so lovable.
I fell in love and grabbed him took him to my porch, made a warm place for him and gave him a can of tuna. I couldn't bring him in without asking my girlfriend.

Another Pet Transport success

So we had another successful pet transport this week. Onethat made me feel really good. We picked up a baby Pit Bull from a rescuecenter in Indianapolis IN. and took her to a very loving family in ClevelandOH.
The trip was a total of 25.5 hours and boy was I tired. Ileft from Wilkes-Barre PA at 9:30 PM on Saturday night and arrived at theRescue at 10:30 AM on Sunday. The gentleman at the rescue had 2 of the mostbeautiful baby Pits I have ever seen; they were only about 11 weeks old. Wetalked for a few and I was off with the baby in the kennel.

My trip to Hollywood, Fla

I Just got back from transporting 2 beautiful beardedcollies from Island Park, NY to Hollywood, Fla. 1 of the bearded collies was 15years old and this was her first time in a car for such a period of time. Iknew deep in my heart that had this beautiful animal been transported via planeit would not have made it.
Both of them had meds to take (which we do not charge extralike other pet transporters do). The oldest collie had bad back legs and shehad trouble most of the trip with going potty. They hurt her so much that shecould not squat to urinate or defecate most of the time so she would lie downin the back seat and go.

The dangers of pets on planes!

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