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6 Ways To Exercise Your Dog
Are bones good for your dog?
problems with skin disease in dogs
Exercise Is Important For Your Dog
What’s In the Bowl? Revealing the Fundamentals of Pet Nutrition


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6 Ways To Exercise Your Dog

There are more overweight and obese dogs in the world today than at any other time in history.  One reason, of course, is that people tend to overfeed their dogs.  But the other reason is that many dogs don't get enough exercise.  Exercise is vitally important for your dog's health and for his mental and physical happiness.

Here are some good exercise outlets for your dog:

Take a walk.  One of the easiest and still the best ways of getting some exercise for your dog (and for yourself) is to simply take your dog for a walk.

Are bones good for your dog?

Many people automatically assume that they should give their dog a bone.  Dogs love bones, right?  Bones are natural so they must be good for dogs.  Well, not always.

Some bones can be dangerous to your dog.  Cooked poultry bones, such as chicken (and especially chicken leg bones) can splinter and tear your dog's gastrointestinal tract.  They can perforate the lining of your dog's intestine.  Small bones can become lodged in a dog's throat or in his teeth.

problems with skin disease in dogs

Dogs can suffer from some health problems that humans would never consider.  One of these issues is skin problems and some forms of skin disease can become a serious problem if they are not handled early and correctly.

Dogs are affected by many different kinds of skin disease.  Basic allergies are one of the simplest problems.  Inhalant allergies, flea allergies, and food allergies can create skin problems that result in dryness, hot spots, and biting and chewing, or loss of hair.  In these cases you need to go to your vet for diagnosis and treatment.

Exercise Is Important For Your Dog

It's another Saturday afternoon at home.  You and your dog are vegging out on the couch.  You're watching TV and your dog is snoozing.  It's hard to say which one of you needs exercise more.  This could probably be a lot of us.  It's funny how often overweight dogs have overweight owners, isn't it?

Well, if you won't exercise for your own sake, you should seriously think about getting your dog some exercise.  Canine obesity is at epidemic proportions in the United States.

What’s In the Bowl? Revealing the Fundamentals of Pet Nutrition

Health begins from the inside out: it’s a well known fact, and one that’s true for both humans and our four-
legged companions. Excellent nutrition is one of the most important keys to a healthy lifestyle for your cat 
or dog, so one of your most essential responsibilities as your pet’s best friend is to provide them with the 
necessary nutrients they need to grow and thrive. 
A problem that many of us encounter, however, is that the labels on pet food can be confusing to read –
and to make things even more difficult, reading the packaging doesn’t tell you about the quantity of each 

How to Raise a Puppy

So you want to adopt a puppy into your family and you feel you are ready for this life altering commitment.  Are you fully aware to all of the aspects required in properly raising a puppy? It takes more than just good food, love and play. A puppy requires time, work and a lot of cleaning up after! More than that,  your puppy is depending on you to help him learn how to navigate the human world.

Training Starts Now! 

Raising a puppy is just as much about forming a partnership as it is teaching him the proper place to potty.

Gaining Trust With a Rescue Dog

If you are considering bringing a new dog into the family, then you have probably considered adopting a canine from either a rescue or a shelter. These dogs are in dire need of a home to give them a happily ever after ending to their already traumatic life. However, adopting a new dog is a very exciting experience. You should educate yourself in how to gain trust with your newly adopted rescue dog so you may share a lifelong bond.

Slower is Faster

The first two weeks after bringing your new dog home is one of the most important times in your dogs new life.


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 So 2014 is coming to an end and we would like to thank all of you that have used The Pet Transporter Guys to safely transport your cats, dogs and we even transported a bunny. It has been a very exciting year. 2015 promises to be even better…

This past year I have had my ups and downs but I am still going kind of like the energizer bunny. My heart gave me problems my girlfriend left me I even totaled my Kia but nothing can keep me down…. Let’s hope!!! I put a call out for drivers and no one really stood out as a possibility however there could be a second truck in my future and I might just hire a driver for the one I am using now.

The Pet Transporter Guys are back and better then ever + updates of my new fees

Hello Everyone,
I just wanted to let everyone know that my health is doing great and I am back on the road with a renewed sense of passion. My outlook on life has changed and I have come to the understanding that I am only human.
I just completed my first long distance transport going form Pennsylvania to New York from New York to Illinois and Washington State from Washington State to California and California to Massachusetts then back to Pennsylvania. The trip took 11 days. I did not rush any part of the trip, I took my time and still made great timing every step of the way.

Another dog dies on the airlines!

(Reuters) - Michael Jarboe of Miami paid extra for special airline dog handlers to ensure the safety of his 2-year-old mastiff, BamBam, on a cross-country flight.

Instead, following a layover in Houston in 90-degree heat, baggage handlers found BamBam dead on arrival in San Francisco.
Just in time for the holiday travel season, a petition is calling for new federal rules holding airlines responsible for deaths of animals like BamBam. More than 100,000 signatures were logged on Jarboe's petition as of late Tuesday, more than half of them added in the past two weeks.
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